No More

by Dead//Reborn

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"The love of a father is poorly represented in the world today. Many sons and daughters do not understand what it feels like to be truly loved. When you experience it for the first time it is hard to comprehend and difficult to grasp; even if it is right in front of you. Never stop pursuing that love because it will restore you."


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Matthew 28:19



Frail bones, a fragile mind
I let go of death for the very last time

Fear death, no more
Found hate, and never found an inch of faith
Found pride, and all I ever did was break

No more
No more pain

I hate this warfare in my head
I hate the evil underneath my skin
I never meant to let you go
I'm chained

I don't understand what's come over me
I've seen what you've done
And who I could have been
I fell unraveled and I've been reworked
But still overwhelmed by a dying world

Oh God,
Save me from this wasteland
Oh God,
Let me take your hand
Oh God,
Can't take this agony
Oh God,
I need to feel at peace

Take a look into my past
You'll see scars that seek the truth
Take a look ahead
And all you'll see is living proof.

How does a son treat his father?
How does a father love his son?
The world may never know.

It breaks my heart
That the world may never know


released January 11, 2016
Lyrics/Vocals by Kevin Brown
Songwriting/Instruments by Robbie Gardunio
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Robbie Gardunio
Vacaville, CA



all rights reserved


Dead//Reborn Perth, Australia

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